Am I an ecotarian?

Well, according to the term describes 'a person who eats only food that has been produced in an environmentally friendly manner'.

But 1. it's missing from the Oxford English Dictionary (so we can sort of make it up), and 2. We think it's a definition that could do with a little loosening up and expanding!

There are many reasons to consider the implications of what we eat at a larger scale than our dinner table, from the environment, to animal welfare, to the health of our society and ourselves. Everyone has different priorities and constraints when trying to address these implications; therefore we believe ecotarians can come in many shapes, sizes and ideologies. Most important, and what connects us, is the reasonable idea that we can make the world a little better through the culinary choices we make (and let our conscience rest easier, too). 

How can I get involved?

We'd like you to join us as we attempt to navigate the choppy waters of the global food system.  A system in which trade-offs must be considered, alternatives can be poorly communicated, and myths abound. But where there's a will, there's an ecotarian way. By taking a look at what we do, you will get more insight on how to address the systemic environmental and ecological impacts of the food system, which intersect with issues of social justice and health.

Don't be shy! We welcome your suggestions to pin more sustainable places on our eco-foodie map; and we would be more than happy to hear about you if you would like to write a blogpost article for us or share a sustainable recipe! Contact us with your queries and world-changing ideas at

Photo credit:  Gemma Billings

Photo credit: Gemma Billings