We are the Ecotarians: a group of university student researchers from London trying to be more planet-friendly. By day, we study the various ways in which the planet is responding to human influence. By night, we become eco-superheros intent on producing an informative and life-enriching guide to being an ecotarian.

The Ecotarian: Origin and Vision

‘The Ecotarian’ is a campaign run by a group of PhD students from the Grantham Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at Imperial College, formed in November 2015. Our aim is to raise awareness of how our diets and the way we produce food impacts the climate and causes environmental, and societal, damage. How can our diets align with the concept of sustainable development? Here on our website, you will find: fact-based articles on challenges faced, and caused by, by the global food system; tips and guides to eating more sustainably; links to public events which we run alongside the website.

Food connects everybody. Because of this, it proves to be a powerful tool through which concepts of climate and environmental change can be communicated, and societal change brought about. This is why we believe that the consumer - that's you - is a key player. Our aims are to translate contemporary scientific research ("technical mumbo-jumbo") to the public, and to encourage choices which protect the environment, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and improve public health - and which won't put a hole in your wallet! 

But we do not tell you what to do. As a group we test new types of food, discuss and deliberate on ways to improve our production and consumption of food for a more sustainable future. The Ecotarian hopes to provide you with the knowledge - which is sometimes seldom heard in the media or tricky to find -  to make your own informed decisions about consumption and diets.

We, the team behind The Ecotarian, are all researchers in many aspects of environmental change. While the food system is not our expertise, our passion for food and saving our environment is what drives us to engage with the public. We are always looking for innovative approaches to pursue our goals - and for you to share your opinions and ideas.

Future Objectives

The Ecotarian is branching out. While we continually develop the content on our website, through welcoming new food enthusiasts on board and encouraging external writers to contribute, there are many other ways to reach people. That includes more public outreach events and bossing social media. tay tuned for more activities and events coming in the near future (no spoilers).

There might be a secret project we'll tell you about as a Christmas gift...

Contact Us

Don't be shy! You are always welcome to contact us on blogecotarian@gmail.com or via Twitter (@The_Ecotarian).