Why choosing your fruit & veg carefully matters

Did you know that 2.5% of the UK's greenhouse gas emissions results from the consumption of fruit and vegetables [1]?

Most of these emissions result from the transport and refrigeration stages of the fruit and vegetable produce chain. So this means - please choose the fruits and vegetables that will have traveled the least to get to you (i.e. don't buy it if it's coming from the other side of the world or even the other side of the Channel), those that have grown naturally (i.e. not in some greenhouse that consumes a lot of energy to mimic some tropical environment) and try to avoid  pre-chopped, pre-washed, pre-peeled fruits and vegetables as they will have already over-consumed water and energy to be stored and packaged. I know this sounds like a lot of DONTS but its easier than it may seem!

Obviously us busy Londoners don't have so much time on our hands, but every little bit helps and here we will be giving you some yummy recipes that will help you make sure you maximize the use of seasonal British produce and minimize the consumption of carbon intensive products: 

Helping you help the planet ;)